Powerful data and event processing

Process, store and use your data as you wish and take back control of your business.

Get the most out of your data

Filter, clean, store, share and enrich your data with Hackeet's advanced computational capabilities. Because our prices do not depend on the amount of data or the number of components used in your Hackeet applications, process your data in real time or on demand while keeping your budget under control.

Reduce dependency on suppliers

Letting a company take care of your data so you don't have to, or because it's most convenient, is good. But knowing that you are not dependent on a single provider and that you can easily share your data across different platforms is even better. With Hackeet, reduce your vendors lock-in and develop applications to back up, share or distribute your data in your applications directly from your own databases with just a few clicks.

Increase your productivity through automation

Build applications to help manage your business, from sending emails or SMS to generating invoices with the various ready-to-use components of the Hackeet library.